Myung Kim
Great product! Really works! Takes 10 years off and lasts all day.
Mikaella Moura
This works, and it lasts quite a long time, after a night of bad sleep and waking up to baggy eyes this fixes it all in an instant and I look like I got a good nights sleep. Plus I have always had dark circles under my eyes and sags and bags and many wrinkles from working in the sun everyday, I put this on and its like turning time back as if I never had any of these problems, even my mom was impressed which is hard to do and I had to share with her.
Paulina Garcia
This product really does work. Please refer to one of the many you tube tutorials out there if you are having trouble with application. I love how my face looks after applying this product. I will be purchasing this again. And the price from this vendor is very good.
Priscila Cipriano
this stuff ia amazing Finally I feel good about the way my eyes look again. In minutes the under eye bags are gone.
Deborah Santos
This stuff really works great. I put on just a bit under the eyes and the under-brow area. Within 3 or 4 minutes, the bags were gone, the skin was tighter and the sagging skin was gone. This effect lasted about 8 hours. I was amazed that the video I watched before I bought this was totally accurate.
leslie Francis
I like this product a lot and yes it does work !If you see any residue after drying, you applied too much. It is not as effective over an oily foundation or eye cream. After applying makeup, use a small, damp brush and brush on in light UPWARD strokes, then gently tap area down to smooth. Do not smile, etc., for ten minutes.
Kristy Stewart
This stuff is honestly amazing!! I tell everyone about it and make them try it to see how crazy it is and how fast it works! It's unbelievable!! No cream has EVER done something like this in an instant! It does exactly what it says it will do... Instant ageless!!
Christine Johnston
Works great - this is a miracle! I use it around the eyes and to tighten the bulges under the bottom lids in the cheek area. I swear it makes you look 10-15 years younger! Won'y go out without using this first and having my makeup on!
Harwinder kaur
Really like this product.Instantly Ageless works to smooth my under eye puffiness and fine lines. Only use very little or you will get a white ring under your eyes, I usually put my moisturizer on first then the Instantly Ageless then after it has dried I finish applying my makeup.
Tina M Hickman
Received the Jeunesse Instantly Ageless and although I haven't had it for very long, it seems to smooth out my skin immediately. I use it mainly for the wrinkles around my eyes and although there aren't many, I find them quite annoying and using this product, I notice a difference immediately. I will definitely purchase again!
Elizabeth King
I am very pleased to say that this stuff really works! Was a little sceptical. I recommend to anyone who has a few issues as I do, and can't afford to go under the knife. Will continue to buy.
Niclas Mann
It exceeded my expectations. Apply to dry skin and and pat on evenly. It is amazing and I do not know why anyone would not love it. Improved my eye area within a few minutes and I get compliments everyday on how youthful I look.